Monday, January 04, 2010

Monday Should Be Your Fun Day

My new blog is at the cusp of readiness, and I be stoked. Continuing with my theme of oddly-named blogs, this one takes its moniker from the title of my novel, Narchitect. The idea is that it will serve as platform for the book once it hits a bookseller near you. Since that magic day has yet to arrive, I'll present shorter pieces of speculative fiction from my Vault of Story. To encourage high reader recidivism rates these tales of wonder and suspense shall be serialized, to last no more than a couple weeks or so before reaching their conclusion. When one story is done, a fresh entry will follow to start the cycle anew.

I'm excited to finally get this blog underway. It's hard to describe what a moment this is, of culminating a long dream into reality. Though I've known since I was but a wee lad that I wanted to be a writer, only in the last few years has the desire begun to take real shape. Narchitect marks another milestone on this long road that has many more twists and turns ahead yet. I can't wait to see where they lead!

Narchitect's opening piece focuses on the truancy of Danny Bates at a school where no one is ever late. Watch for an announcement here when the first installment becomes available.


Jonathan said...

Looking forward to it!

patrick said...

Truancy at a school where no one is ever late -- super-intriguing :) Congratulations on the new blog; I know how much work it can be, and running two blogs, writing a novel, and earning a living all at the same time is a mammoth undertaking. So extra congratulations!