Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Musics for Writing

What do you listen to while writing? Possibly you prefer silence, or working in a coffeehouse where the ambience sharpens your mind, or the airy environment of the library, where infrequent whispers and shufflings only linger at the fringes of audibility. I'd love to hear what other writers like, it's always fascinating what enables the writing mind to operate at its best.

As I mentioned in a prior post, I'm a musics man when it comes to the audiodrome. Here's a few selections that best accompany my writing sessions:

Godspeed! You Black Emperor, F#A#

The Future Sound of London
, Lifeforms

Orbital, Snivilisation

Peter Gabriel, Passion

1 comment:

fullet said...

I'm listening to classical music on the radio right now, while writing at night. Silence would be fine too, I suppose :) I don't know much about music but I like Orbital and Tangerine Dream, so I'll check out the works of the other artists you mention. Thanks for the idea!