Friday, December 18, 2009

Final Friday of 2009!

It's the last Friday of the Naughties, as our Briton friends like to say. This was a good end to the decade and '09 was a huge improvement over the previous year: I have no real gripes here at the end, especially seeing that 2010 is set to be an even better year.

Many thanks to readers who offered advice how I should proceed in selling my manuscript!

My old friend, Mr Woolcott, made the wry suggestion that I approach potential agents with a firearm -as leverage, naturally. I may resort to this should the year not go as planned.

Glynis advised me to establish a blog for my novel, which was echoed by Jen. The ladies, I have to admit, got me all fired up to take this approach.

Keep an eye out next month for a new blog. I'm devising one that will start out as platform for my shorter works of fiction, of which there are plenty, with the idea that it could be open to contributions from other writers. What do you think, sound nuts?


wngl said...

This should read that it's the last non-holiday Friday of the year, because technically Christmas will be the actual, for-real final Friday!

Project Savior said...

For selling your first book, You can skip the agent process by going to PublishAmerica (They are publishing my first book) they don't give advances (well $1) and you get minimal marketing support, but it does give you great experience in the publishing process.
Like building the back cover, working on the layout, ect. This translates to being able to visualize your book so on your next book you can have the agent visualize it too.