Thursday, June 22, 2006

Part One is done

I've finally completed "Even Siberia Goes Through the Motions", otherwise known as Part One of The Book (also known as Total Mass Retain). The goal was to finish it by the first of June, and I'm only three weeks late hitting that date. Sadly, meeting deadlines is one of my weaknesses.

It was also summer solstice on the 21st, an occasion here in rain city for hitting the beaches for those few slices of sunshine we get during this part of the year. I was able to join some friends quite literally on the beach, when we went out to the Celtic Swell in West Seattle to celebrate the completion of Jeff's movie book, Through a Screen Darkly. After attempting to order a Glenfiddich ("fiddick") and having my pronunciation roundly correctly by the server ("fid-ditch"), I went with a Glen Livet neat instead and we passed it around for what seemed like everyone's first go at a single malt scotch. The consensus was in the positive.

Now on to Part Deux...

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