Friday, June 30, 2006

Amazing book

I cannot describe this novel for you. It is one of those unique, worthwhile journeys that speaks for itself only. Even the foreword avoids pigeonholing or summarising events and characters that follow. Mystery upon fantastic mystery is revealed as a small boy, who doesn't know the difference between "bad" and "good", strays into a world of spirits waiting for final judgment.

What amazes me in particular -besides the dizzying array of places, people and things to found in the Bush of Ghosts- is that African mysticism is freely mixed with Judaistic monotheism, and the two are presented as co-habitating the world. The latter is clearly in control, so much so that the ghosts (and ghostesses) are building Methodist churches and fearful of "the eternal fire" that shall repay them for lifetimes of sin.

But read it for yourself, from a Christian perspective or not, and you shall be rewarded with a tremendous piece of literature.

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