Saturday, June 17, 2006


I looked up this word in the dictionary yesterday. For some reason it popped up in mind at the end of an emotionally precarious week. Actually for a very clear reason it came up, as a consequence of fussing and fretting over an ex-girlfriend. Things didn't work out with us and we broke up a couple months back, because our timetables for having children didn't line up. Major emotional doozy, since I really wanted to have kids with this woman! Unfortunately, I don't want to have them as soon as she does. It got to the point where the issue was so central to our happiness that we had to split up.

Even if I wanted to reconcile with her, I cannot. This is qualifiable, I think, as irreconcilable differences. Even best intentions can't pave a road for us going anywhere.

The subsequent backwash of feeling inadequate and all around mopy has thinned my skin considerably and I am reacting to everything around me with emotional extremes. In other words, I'm frangible. Not fun!

Lacking a sleeve, looks like I'm wearing my heart on my blog.

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