Monday, August 16, 2010

Weekend Wonders

My morning started here, crossing a footbridge into lower Woodland Park. People were scarce, the only sound a fresh breath of summer combing through high trees, and the heat of the day, ninety degrees Farenheit at its worst, was still hours away.

Darth Vader and friends were out in force to promote a massive sale at Comics Dungeon. They arrested anyone wearing a t-shirt from the previous night's Rush concert.

I didn't expect to time travel this weekend. We happened upon a coin-operated video game arcade, a shadowy cove behind Pink Gorilla (which joins Seattle's rainbow fleet of pink elephants, red robins and brown bears), and it was like going back in time to junior high, when I would blow all my paper route money in a place just like this one.

Washington state loses more of its citizens to propane every year.

It was wonderful to see the sun go down. People on the street were maundering zombies, heat drunk, with skin various shades of pink and orange, wiping sweat away with weak limbs and craving milkshakes, slurpees or margaritas -anything with life-giving cold to renew strength and vitality, little suspecting that tomorrow would bring another round of the summer sauna. I know what you're thinking: those wimps.


fullet said...

I also liked a lot those video games but I was a very bad player :P Thank you for this walk and the shots.

James MacAdam said...

My pleasure, Fullet! Though I may have considered myself a decent player "back in the day" the passage of time proves me quite mistaken.

Eme said...

It may have seemed like 90 celsius to us Seattle wimps, but needless to say, if it really had been, we would have been crowding into the freezer cases of nearby restaurants seeking succor. Mr MacAdam has started to convert to a civilized measurement system, but got only so far as to convert the F. to a C. without doing the important bit. ;-)

James MacAdam said...

You got me, the real temp was 32.22222222222222 Celsius -a scorcher!