Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Eagle vs Shark

I could embrace this film if it didn't discriminate shamelessly against lesbians. It's harsh. When it comes to hackers and people in wheelchairs, you can feel the love in this film, it's radiant, but nobody is smiling when it comes to women who like other women.

Lily (that's her with the smirk) talks to Jonah, who uses a wheelchair and is portrayed in a very sympathetic light, and the film's bias comes out, and not the good kind of coming out:
Jonah: Take me away from here.
Lily: Where?
Jonah: Anywhere. Help me escape.
Lily: Okay. Where should we go?
Jonah: Where do you want to go?
Lily: Home, I want to go home.
Jonah: Ah, home's horrible. You must want to go somewhere else.
Lily: Mmm, dunno. Australia?
Jonah: Nah, not there. My ex-wife lives there.
Lily: What, is she alive?
Jonah: Who cares about her, she's a lesbian.

When Lily goes to Jarrod's party, he wants to know why the girl he invited isn't there. Incidentally, Jarrod has a hacker friend, he appreciates the contribution made by hackers, but when it comes to... well, judge for yourself:

Lily: She's a lesbian. She went to a lesbian party.
Jarrod: Typical.

The title of this film, seeing that it was made in New Zealand, should be changed to Kiwi vs Lesbian. When it is, I'll wrap my arms around this brilliant comedy, but no sooner than that.

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