Thursday, August 12, 2010

Elephants, Monsters, and Other Spectacles Witnessed by an Innocent Bystander

In Seattle you can get your car cleaned by pink elephants and brown bears. The demand for green octopi is growing.

Local architecture regularly undergoes mutation and becomes a devouring monster. Here you can see the Experience Music Project ready to devour the Science Fiction Museum. No radioactive fire... yet.

Speaking of mutations, little known is the fact that Soviet Bloc housing lives again in our fine city. I blame the Wobblies.

Forecast is for a heatwave this weekend. Personally I'm against it, but since we have a Moscow aesthetic it's no surprise we'd get their weather too.


Ian Wolcott said...

Oddly, you've had all the heat this summer. It's perpetual fall down here in the Bay Area. Blame El Nino.

Eme said...

I blame El Nino for everything.