Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Whackadoodle Wednesday

Okay, I kiped "whackadoodle" from last night's marathon viewing of Big Bang Theory, as a catchall for my doings of late; besides hammering away at the seventh draft of the novel, I've had no small amount of diversions to while away the hours, not least among them the always enjoyable and geeky antics of the Big Bang gang. If you've never watched this show and have room in your schedule for a consistently funny sitcom, this is the one for you.

Speaking of marathons, I crammed in a welter of hours on Bioshock 2 last week. For the uninitiated, this sequel to one of the most ingenious games in recent memory takes place in Rapture, a city at the bottom of the sea. Intended as an Ayn Rand-ian Objectivist utopia, both games take us on a tour of this vision gone sour: empowered individuals, as it turns out, will do anything they can to kill and maim their way to the top of all those other individuals. Shocking. Still, the level design is top shelf, replete with Art Deco architecture, the writing is as rich as any novel, and unlike the first game, Bioshock 2 has satisfying finale. And honestly, I was no less satisfied because this would be my last gaming jag for awhile.

Now that I can no longer use my birthday as an excuse, my focus is back on selling the novel to publishers. I should get back to it even now. However, there's one more diversion to mention...

With so much discussion of Entrecard going on lately and blogs dropping out left and right, for what it's worth I want to throw in my two cents. There was a controversy surrounding ghost lists that really got under folks' skin last week. It sparked an exodus of some great blogs. Unanswered complaints of fraud and viruses is a solid reason to go. Boredom with the whole process of dropping on Entresites is another contributing factor.

Admittedly, dropping is not exciting, but it is stimulating. I don't see it as a chore. Entrecard enables me to visit, read, and appreciate quality blogs from around the world. It takes time that could be spent doing other things (like cleaning the bathroom), yet images and thoughts that otherwise might never be entertained by my feeble brain are one click away during the wee hours of morning when I do the Entrecard thing.

I'm not ready to drop out. Not yet, anyhow, and not because of scammers, you find them anywhere you go. It might be that a month from now I'll cut out because it eats time better spent on selling the book. Who knows. Entrecard connects great bloggers with its network of drops (drips?) and gives me something to do (and comment on) whilst sipping coffee and watching the sun come up.


fullet said...

I enjoyed reading your thoughts about EC, I feel fully identified. The truth is that if lately I've taken a break from blogging is partly because I needed to disconnect from Entrecard. But for me it remains the best way to contact other bloggers, and to feel myself like a blogger.

It's great to know you're working hard on your novel! I should take example, but I'm such a mess :P Best of luck with it!

May said...

I watched the Hamburger episode of TBBT last Sunday. Although it is not aired here, a friend gave me an entire season.

Mee2 said...

I love The Big Bang Theory. Unfortunately, I took a night class this semester, so I miss it every week. I like EC too. The only thing I find hard about it is reading blog after blog of paid posts. And it's always for the same diet pill or what-not. I have left EC, a couple of times, but always come back because I do crave the quality blogs that are posted here.

Lin said...

I'm on the fence on this. While I do like dropping, it just seems like the majority of what is left on EC is sort of lame. I can't believe how many folks bailed on this one! The drops on my site have declined immensely since this has happened and I'm wondering if it is worth staying anymore. For now, I'm going to hang in there, but I sure do miss the blogs that truly write and have something to say.

Jen said...

I absolutely love The Big Bang Theory. It is the only show I make sure to watch.

I am leaving Entrecard with my main blog as soon as the ads on my widget run out. This last episode was just the final nail in the coffin. Too petty.

Lidian said...

I agree about EC, in part - am cutting down my drops though, quite a bit, because like you I have a lot of other things to write/do :)

wngl said...

Fullet, I'm a mess too! More often than not it feels like I'll never finish the book. I'm just cracked enough to keep going. Thanks for your good wishes.

May, I always miss the show when it airs and have been watching DVDs. It's fun to watch in two-three episode clumps. The last I saw was with them on the train hitting on Summer Glau.

Mee2, I have to admit that while I drop on sites with paid posts, I rarely read them. My time is better spent breezing through those so I can get to quality writing like yours.

Lin, I hope you stay, yours is one the blogs I look forward to reading! As a side note, we've started a facebook campaign to add an "On the fence" button, so we can get away from the like/unlike binary. In that spirit, when it comes to EC, I'm sitting on the fence too.

Jen, I hear you. The whole deal surprised me when it blew up. Seems like another case of a few idiots pissing in the reservoir and wrecking it for the rest of us. I'll keep visiting your great blog, regardless of dropping.

Lidian, I've been so amazed at your output on not one but two blogs. The quality of your posts are always engaging and fun. I'm excited to read this book of yours, and if that means a few less weekly posts, I'm sure it will be worth it!