Friday, February 12, 2010


Google has gifted us with Buzz, bringing all web surfers one wave closer to sharing the same beach, when your space, book and twit shall all ning as one: social aggregates of the world, unite and take over. Should I embrace the future or do an old school exclusive with Friendster? (No yawning, please.) It's tempting to simplify not streamline, especially when there are so many streams. Pull a salmon and go against the flow? What would Ruby Rhod do?

Ruby Rhod, in The Fifth Element played by comedian Chris Tucker who went on to fight for justice or something in a Jackie Chan franchise. Before that, he dazzled as intergalactic gadabout, yes, say it after me... Ruby Rhod. If you met him, he'd get all "bzzz!" in your grill. Even to Bruce Willis, bottle-blonde in a Gaultier tanktop, he just said "bzzz!"

All well and good, you say, but what does this have to do with jack squat?

Buzz has a word balloon format, Tweet-ish but suggestive of a voice emanating from your browser. I hear it saying "bzzz!" The Sixth Element in the offing, "I see web people." It's the sound of a sequel of a sequel of a remake, but, like, totally brand new, dude.

How many of these services can a person deal with? We approach the "bzzz!" threshold, when that sound will be a short in your iFad.

Now I've got a weird desire to wear leopard skin.

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