Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!


Lin said...

An oldie, but a goody. Happy VD, pally.

David Tamayo said...

That video was a blast from the past. Even your post regarding Google Buzz and the "Fifth Element". (I enjoyed both in their day) ;o) Thanks for your comment on my blog regarding the whole Cornyman situation. He apologized by the way. Stop by my site again and check out the latest. Take care my friend and thanks again for your visit.

Jennifer said...

This was exactly how I met my husband, right down to the chimp! (I was a librarian at the time. I guess I still am a librarian, but I am no longer working as one.)

Hope you had a good Valentine's Day.

wngl said...

Thanks, Lin! This was my "anthem" in high school, and has always been my favorite love song.

David, I'm glad to hear things were settled amicably with Cornyman. The blowup over ghost lists really has some folks peeved, and I can't blame them. Not actually visiting blogs goes contrary to Entrecard's strength, which is as enabler to read and look at and appreciate a wide spectrum of people and their creative outlets. Thanks for stopping by, see you again soon!

Jennifer, there must be a story behind the chimp you're not telling us. I find that men with distinguishing tastes always fall for librarians in glasses, so kudos to your husband!