Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Rule #1 See Zombieland

The zombie romantic comedy is a malnourished genre, the only other example that leaps to mind being Shaun of the Dead. This might be for the best, considering the consistent quality of the offering so far. The tone is so close in Zombieland to its predecessor, they could even be happening at the same time and this is the US version of what we've already seen unfold over in Great Britain with the adventures of Shaun and company.

Zombie fans should check their mailboxes, because this is a love letter to all of us, a real romp and laugh-riot. The auditorium, filled with regular and zombie folk, rang with cheers and laughs from start to finish, walking away with murmurs and shouts of pure satisfaction that for those who attend movies even semi-regularly is dear indeed. Not a one of us cared that we exited into a Seattle downpour, kicking our heels with gratitude that at least we didn't have to worry about dispatching the undead.

I don't want to spoil anything about the movie (there are some hilarious surprises), and will only tell you that the protagonist has a list of rules he lives by in order to survive the zombie infestation. These are common sense standbys, such as maintaining cardio (these zombies can sprint)and always checking the backseat when entering a new vehicle (horror movie staple, yes?); rule number one for moviegoers this weekend should be to see Zombieland.

I'm not a film reviewer, but I want to offer up a Vault Boy Thumbs-Up for Zombieland -which is the highest recommendation I can give (VB is an icon from Fallout 3, a game environment focused on Washington DC as a post-apocalyptic wasteland haunted by no small amount of ghouls, who are not quite zombies but... close enough).


Rob said...

I got burned out of zombie films long ago, but maybe the comedic spin would make it worth it, so I'll try to check this out sometime.

Jed and Vit said...

I remember seeing Shaun of the Dead a few years ago and was impressed on how the comedic twist really put some freshness back to zombie films.

Even if Zombieland is half of what Shaun of the Dead was, I'll still watch it.

I must see this soon! Thanks for the info!