Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Be a Beatle!

The Beatles: Rock Band is a science fiction milestone for our time. We stand on the verge of inundation by the avatar concept, as it proliferates in all forms of media, not least among them video games. Rock Band, which has delivered previous rocker out-of-body (or body off its rocker) experiences, hits a quality peak with its new offering. Players can play along with and harmonize alongside The Beatles, and the game doesn't stop there.

What sets this Rock Band apart is the immersion offered to players, in the history as well as the music of The Beatles. Every song is put into proper context, with offerings across the band's timeline, and players are not merely playing with them but as them. With the visibility and sustained popularity of the world's favorite Liverpudlians, a shot at channeling them through your fingers (and by association, your brain) has never been more accessible or enticing.

The SF aspect is groundbreaking, allowing players not only experience of an outer persona but those of pop stars whose fame most of us regular folk can never hope to attain. I've not played one of these games but briefly, and the thought of being George Harrison, albeit superficially, has seeded my brain with consideration of putting this on my Yuletide wish list.

Then again, maybe I'll bide my time and save my pennies for Yes: Rock Band.

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