Friday, September 25, 2009

Peripatetic Sights

An incurable walker am I, ocassionally with camera in hand. Here are some things I regularly see whilst hoofing about northern Seattle.

There's a local band called Mean Recess, presumably the owners of this fine vehicle. If only every school bus were thusly adorned, we might produce more children who wisely spend their days singing and prancing joyfully in constant adoration of mortal existence.

A memorable image of Bill Gates posted on a busy intersection. I am amazed that after being there several months, no one has torn it down. Folks around here might be uptight but they sure do love street art -or laughing at Mr Microsoft, maybe that's it.

This beautiful car is a short distance from my house and I look forward to seeing it daily. The workmanship is fine. Though hard to tell in this image, there are dozens of tiny details within the face, miniature angels and phrases like "If you can read this, buy a book!"

1 comment:

Lidian said...

I really like that bus and think that the Stop Whining sign should be painted on ALL buses - school and otherwise.