Friday, July 14, 2006

'Wide' Again

The NYTimes is consistent: second day running they headline the word wide in an awkward context, this time concerning "Wide Strikes by Hezbollah". As with yesterday's "Wide Flaws", the usage here is distracting; I would have used "regional", "retaliatory", or "relentless".Nevertheless, we are seeing Beirut bloom into a state of conflict not seen since the Three-Day War in 1967. At that time, Israel repulsed attacks at nearly every point on its borders, from Syria, Lebanon and Egypt; now Hezbollah is taking advantage of the chaos in Gaza and showing itself to be sympathetic to Hamas by performing incursions and rocket sallies from its stronghold in Beirut. In retaliation, Israeli Defense Forces have sent punishing airstrikes deep into Lebanon, disabling Beirut's international airport, and have established a naval blockade. Are we seeing the foment of war?

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