Saturday, July 22, 2006

Children of Dune

It never occurred to me that Star Wars might owe a huge debt to Frank Herbert -until today! A cohort here at ye olde cube farme passed on a link that delineates the numerous points of comparison between the Star Wars' and Dune series. For anyone with even a passing interest in either, it makes for a good read:
I am a huge fan of the Dune books. They are without equal in science fiction literature. I am also one of those rare humans that likes David Lynch's film adaptation. With the exception of the atrocious finale, it brings Herbert's galaxy to vivid life and captures, in my opinion, each character perfectly.
I believe that like Tolkien's ring quadrology (you have to include The Hobbit), the epic saga of Dune will survive in new and updated forms throughout human history. As we see iterations and interpretations of Shakespeare, Sophocles, Dostoevski and other giants in current forms of the arts, so too will Dune continue speaking to us generation after generation. Personally, I would pay money to see David Cronenberg take a stab at Heretics of Dune, my favorite from the series.

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