Thursday, July 06, 2006

Visit Cal Anderson Park this summer! (if you're in Seattle)

The plan yesterday was to catch an advance screening of A Scanner Darkly, the new animated adaptation of Philip K Dick's novel. I read the time of the screening wrong and ended up at the Harvard Exit, Capitol Hill's finest theatre, 4 hours early! My friend Jonathan Shaw met me and we decided to tromp around a bit, ending up at a wonderful, green location right in the center of the Hill.

This location was once a water reservoir and a notorious magnet in its day for nighthawks and itinerants. Recently it was shut and transformed over the course of a year into a beautiful urban park. We stopped there and sat watching from a bench as people bicycled, frisbee'd and hackeysacked under a golden, cloud-streaked sky. The water fountain is particulary impressive to me, because it has stepping stones that allow you to leap and stand at the base.

If you have a chance, give this park a visit. It's a brilliant spot for a summer sojourn, if you can't get away from the city. I found myself glad that we were able to spend the evening here rather than inside a theater -though I am still very much looking forward to seeing the film.

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Jonathan said...

I agree; it was a pleasure to pass some time there with you and talk on the bench. I appreciate how Cal Anderson park offers so many benches, because they seem to be in short supply elsewhere in the city.