Friday, October 15, 2010

Writing on the Wind

A quote comes constantly to mind as I prepare the manuscript for its nationwide tour of publishers. When asked if he revisits his old work, writer/illustrator Frank Miller replied, "I'm not a masochist." Tell it like it is, Frank.

I would reply that though there is some resemblance to my hand, the old work in hindsight seems to have come from another's. A tacit admission of masochism, this also speaks to my social graces: even a stranger who writes as poorly as they that penned my past drafts, I can see past that and be their friend. I can make the effort; though not guaranteed, odds at success are good.

Sentimentality should be tossed out the window. Write on the wind, like the arrow from a bow. Remove your preconceptions. Pulling the catgut taught, the conviction for a bull's eye fills your vision, clearing at the peak of tension and release, your handiwork revealed in honest light.


fullet said...

I enjoy the process, but my finished writings make me feel terribly awkward. I recently retweeted this: Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.— Samuel Beckett

James MacAdam said...

I love that Beckett quote. Better to get the words on the page and let them go and move on to the next thing. A writer has to be like a shark, keep moving or die.