Monday, October 25, 2010

The Boon of Entrecard

Entrecard has been good to me, creating access to great blogs that I might otherwise have missed in the teeming multitude of the online community. Dropping on these sites enables me to see the latest (if any) posts by writers whose work I admire and enjoy. Though it might appear a bit hinky to acknowledge others' work by dropping on it, this form of currency is not meant to compete with pigeons but to establish an exchange rate of real value, which is to say established by the quality of the work. I've really come to appreciate this unique aspect of Entrecard.

Forums are something I miss, a bygone aspect of Entrecard that seems now like part of a distant and simpler past. They provided direct contact with the network on a variety of topics, the kinds of things you don't often discuss in personal messages with people you've never a met but enjoy conversing with on intelligent and stimulating subjects. Now I fall back on comments, which are even more impersonal. I would like to see the forums return. It would also be good to see better diligence on buggy sites. Not that it happens often, but every once in awhile there is a run of bad blogs that make me question Entrecards' due diligence. I've come to realize the value of connections with "good" blogs sufficiently to keep me dropping; by the same token, the slightest increase of viral sites in this community could easily drive me away.

Overall, Entrecard has been a positive experience and I expect to continue dropping for the foreseeable future.


Julie G said...

Hi James

Entrecard is a very effective tool, but I can not see a drop button on your page..I would like to drop on your blog...

James MacAdam said...

Hi Julie, thanks for stopping by. Are you using Chrome? The page has been fritzing on that particular browser and the Entrecard widget ends up at the bottom of the page. Firefox seems to work best, though I admit confusion: it was only a couple days ago that Chrome started acting up, up to then it worked fine. I'm still trying to figure out what the problem is and hope to resolve it soon!


Lin said...

My experiences with EC were horrible, although I did meet some really good blog pallies through them. I know I found you there! :) I guess it has its pros and cons, but I hated the dropping and the empty drops on my blog. I've been gone since March and even though I don't have a widget, I'm still getting 20 plus phantom drops a day! Tell me something isn't up with that!

Either way--guess it works for some. Like I said, I did meet some nice bloggers there.

Julie G said...

Hi James

I use chrome...the first few times I came to your blog O could see the EC drop, but not know