Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday Fume

I'm ready to call it quits. Not that I go to Facebook for any reason more profound than "Yo, homie, whassup?" but the stupidity reached a new high this week. It started with people calling for a boycott of the site over privacy concerns. Boycott?!? It's a social network, for crying out loud. Leave if your privates are so threatened. Then you've got a day dedicated to offending Muslims. Really? To all my friends that have stayed away from Facebook, I'm in solidarity with you. It's never been my style to tell folks they have to be part of Facebook. You are not missing out. What works for me and what I like is connecting with old friends and sharing photos, jokes, what have you, the same things most other Facebookers are there for, but what with the morons carrying on like they have been lately, I'm seriously looking at alternatives.

On that note, check this out from the always brilliant xkcd:

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Eme said...

If this were Facebook, I would be clicking "like."