Thursday, April 15, 2010

Lost Again

When they killed Mr Eko, it really tore out the heart of Lost for me. Halfway into the fifth season I stopped watching. Too much soap, not enough dirt. Back when Mr Eko was around, a complicated thug-priest who carried a big stick carved with bible verses (cool, right?), the big question was Jack and Kate: are they or aren't they? Oh yeah, and what the frack is going on with the smoke monster? Good, simple stuff. They had to go and kill the show's best character and just like that it's the most mixed-up soap opera since Dynasty. (I know I wasn't the only one seeing Joan Collins and Linda Evans when Kate and Julia had their knuckly tussle.)

The smoke monster did it. The smoke monster killed Mr Eko. That damn, dirty smoke monster.

So now I'm watching again thanks to a buddy who loves the show. Hey, America loves this show, it was inevitable. I'm a good American and between watching Lost's final season or going to a Tea Party, I'll go with entertainment.

Anyhow, last week I went to Hulu and watched the episode that reveals what the smoke monster is. "Ab Aeterno" also gives up the secret recipe for Richard Alpert's anti-aging cream but finding out the smoke monster's secret identity was what we've been waiting for since the show started. Good thing they didn't wait until the series finale to give us this tidbit. Boring Tuesday nights are a thing of the past and America smiles as one.

Now I'm waiting for the ghost of Mr Eko to come back with that big stick and lay it upside the smoke monster's head.


Lauren said...

I loved Mr. Echo, too. They've killed off some really great characters on the show. My husband and son are avid fans, which is the reason I started watching the show again last year and now during the final season.

Stanis said...

u neva know, with Lost anything is possible!

Lin said...

I don't watch this show, but what you describe sounds really wacky. Are you really still watching??

wngl said...

Lin, I would never lie to you. When people who haven't seen the show ask if they should, I tell them it's advisable only if they are prepared to give up a serious portion of their life to watching/understanding what the bleep is going down on Lost -Gilligan's Island this is not. As somebody who has watched off and on since the first season, seeing loose ends get tied up has got me in front of the tube again.

Jonathan said...

Welcome back to the fold. :)