Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sunday Funnies

I once dreamed of being a cartoonist. It's true. I would lug pencil and paper everywhere and doodle away. Even at church on Sunday morning I pursued this wish, as adults modeled their hands for me or some new notion for a superhero struck and I had to draw the uniform. On family vacations I'd park at a desk and hash out pages upon pages of illustrated tales of alien mutants and phantom skulls and fisticuffs galore.

Right around high school a shift took place when I realized I didn't have the patience to write and draw my stories. By the time I went to college the drawing had all but stopped. There were occasions of rekindled desire to draw, to continue an old, unfinished series or create a birthday gift, few and far between but a fun hobby to revisit.

Here are some examples culled from a gigantic pile. One of these days (or weeks, as the case may be) I'll have to scan a complete story and post it here. There are many to select from, done mostly in a humorous vein, illustrations mixed in with collage and framed by attempts at typography. Never a dull moment, right?


Duni said...

These are awesome!
I know it's really difficult to draw teeth (as in the first pic) - you did a brilliant job!

Lin said...

WOW!! Are you sure you don't want to pursue this?? You really should.

Lidian said...

I agree with Duni and Lin - awesome! And worth pursuing!

wngl said...

Duni, thanks for your keen observation. Though it's not commonly known, portraiture of teeth can be quite lucrative.

Lin, this is the kind of thing I do in order to procrastinate from *real* work; that I will continue to pursue procrastination is a foregone conclusion.

Lidian, thanks for the feedback! When it comes to drawing, I can only take it seriously as a hobby; any time I've entertained it as a true discipline, a veritable nervous breakdown looms.