Saturday, March 20, 2010

Happy Saturday

What makes you happy?
This simple question can make a difference in your day. I know it does for mine, though I don't ask nearly as often as I should. Taking a cue from Secret Forest, I want to share a list of 10 non-hierarchical happinesses in my life (say that ten times fast), and also take the opportunity to recognize 10 Happy Blogs!

1. My family

2. Writing

3. My friends and my gal

4. Musics

5. Games and movies

6. Reading

7. Used Bookshops

8. Travel

9. Sushi and whiskey (though not always together)

10. Battlestar Galactica (what can I say, it's true!)

And how about the aforementioned Happy Blogs? Here's a selection, again in no particular order, of folks who make the interwebs a happier place:

1. Fullet, at Secret Forest (thanks for the inspiration!)

2. Lidian, at Kitchen Retro and The Virtual Dime Museum

3. The Third Uncle

4. Mr Wolcott, at The New Psalmanazar

5. Lauren, at Think Spin

6. Lin, at Duck and Wheel with String

7. Tracy, at The Crazy Suburban Mom

8. cap NEWS

9. Patrick, at Toronto City Life

10. Sparkle the Designer Cat


Lidian said...

Thank you so much! You picked a lot of my favorite blogs, but I would include yours as well :)

Sparkle the Designer Cat said...

What a nice surprise! You made my Caturday by including me! I love most of these blogs too, but there are a couple I'm not familiar with - I will have to go check them out!

Lauren said...

Thanks so much!!!! Lidian's right about including yours as a favorite. I will check out the other blogs on your list. Really appreciate the mention. Thanks again.

David Tamayo said...

Hmmmm...the pic is of the new Battlestar. How about the original? ;o)

fullet said...

You're most welcome, and thanks for the return! Love your list of happinesses, I will definitely order a number 9 this weekend :D

stephen said...

We obviously need to get together for a BsG, whiskey night! That said, if you and your missus are in my neck of the woods, rest assured you have a place to stay!

wngl said...

David, the original BsG was my favorite show growing up. I even caught the pilot episode when they screened it in theatres! Remember that? The first movie shown with Dolby surround sound, I believe.

Stephen, it goes without saying that BsG and whiskey are a natural match. Let me know the time and place and I'll be there, Laphroaig in hand!

stephen said...

Whenever you're in Paris let me know! I don't think I'll be round your parts till Autumn.

I remember seeing the original BsG film in theatres too (which may be the last time I did see it ..) I do remember scary bug creatures and humans being trapped in pods ... Star Wars was much more sanitary :)

The new BsG is a whole other, wonderful, can't wait for the blueray set sorta thing, however!

stephen said...
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Lin said...

Hey!! That totally caught me off guard!! Thanks for listing me--I'm honored. :) And in such great company..

That's a good list of happys too--I share many of them. It's hard to find someone who likes sushi too.

Lauren said...

Hey James. I posted my acceptance speech, thanked you, and included my list of ten. I also received the award from someone else a while ago and had neglected to post the award, so a bit of groveling was necessary.

Eme said...

Stephen, Paris + BSG is a hard-to-resist combination! If through some stroke of good luck we make it over to your continent, we'll be knocking on your door, I'm sure!
-- wngl's gal

stephen said...

Hello Eme! (and Wngl :)

Naturally, my Paris 'n BsG is your Paris 'n BsG!