Friday, October 09, 2009

President Barack Obama wins Nobel Peace Prize

I always thought you had to earn the Nobel Peace prize -is it awarded on the basis of hope now? With his current record, President Barack Obama will hope his way into ruling the world!

Obama himself declared in a Rose Garden statement: "I do not view it as a recognition of my own accomplishments."

I'm concerned, as someone who desires peace and prosperity in ours and future times, that today's award is not only premature but goes to the wrong person. Why not award it to a leader who has accomplished something? Historic as Obama's successful campaign was, he has yet to bring substantial results let alone any kind of progress toward peace.

Then again, how seriously should we take a "peace" prize that was awarded to Yasir Arafat?

As we might expect, reactions across the spectrum are varied, with accolades coming strong from those who've received the award and blasts from all manner of pundits and politicos. Can't imagine Chicago is dancing in the streets.

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Ian Woolcott said...

Embarrassingly premature, and of course I'm an "Obama-lover." I can't decide if he should have declined it outright or if he handled it best by meekly accepting it with the sort of caveats he's offered. Weird. But I guess the sooner we all get used to the idea that the Nobel is a joke, the better.