Friday, October 09, 2009

13 for Friday

Blog traditions! As I cruise my fellow Entrecard sites, sources of inspiration and fun, regular habits of other bloggers emerge. Wordless Wednesday was the first sign of tradition (if that's the proper word) I took notice of, on my wonderful but woefully idle-of-late sister site, The Rollerblog. Ever the contrarian, I incorporated this habit with Speechless Tuesdays, participating but with a spin. This week it came to my attention that another day of the week merits special blog attentions: Thursday, when you can find lists of 13 on many different and wildly variant pages, even one devoted entirely to the cause. Well, here I go again, stepping off the beaten path but showing myself not to be a total non-conformist. In the spirit of Samhuinn, I offer "13 for Friday", which makes more sense (to me) given the association the day has had with the number ever since, oh, the fourteenth century or so.

To honor the great annual harvest and it's singular day of celebration, here's a list of unique features of the season:

13. bundling into the car for a trip to the pumpkin patch!
12. crunchy leaves underfoot
11. every morning smells like rain
10. it's okay to scare people, even strangers, on purpose
9. thinking of a costume you've never worn that speaks to some inner truth that goes unexpressed the rest of the year
8. children coming out at night to play
7. carved pumpkins lining the neighborhood
6. fresh mushrooms!
5. hats
4. seeing your breath
3. the World Series
2. tree transformations, and
1. Summer gone, fire is again our friend

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