Sunday, September 24, 2006

"He has the disk!"

The other day somebody asked if I remembered my first CD purchase, and I had to admit that I cannot. I remember Donnie Darko was the first DVD I bought, just a couple years ago. While I have never owned many compact discs (I don't even have an ipod) and have contented myself with an outmoded clutch of cassette tapes, recently my DVD collection has expanded.
I mention this because today I added to the shelf what might be the most important DVD disc of them all: Midnight Run. When I saw it at the shop for a mere twelve bucks, I couldn't pass by in good conscience without making a buy.
Midnight Run is a deeply storied part of my life. I can quote this foul-mouthed comedy front to back, and so can some of my dearest friends. Whenever we find ourselves in the same room -sadly, a rare event these days- anybody in hearing range will hear a salvo of four-lettered dialogue from guys that normally keep it relatively clean.
One quote is from towards the end of the movie, shouted by Robert DeNiro's character, "He has the disk! He has the disk!"
Ah, but now isn't that true in more ways than one?

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