Thursday, March 24, 2011

Don't Forget My Number

Recently transferred a bunch of home video onto DVD and have been playing with Live Movie Maker to unearth some hidden gems. From back in the day when your telephone plugged into the wall not out of some Luddite urge but because you had no choice. Like, the 80's, dude. Tubular. We had wonderful answering machines to field and screen our calls. How else would you know who was calling? The dark ages, indeed, but not entirely without charm. Making the message for your answering machine became a kind of Outsider art form, created by folk from all strata of life. I remember doing a temp job calling Nordstrom customers and coming across these hilarious messages across the nation. Though I'm sure people are creative with cellphones, I haven't come across any that show the same level of creativity. The above is a message I made with my college roommates that proved so popular we'd get calls at all hours of strangers just wanting to hear what the hubbub was about, which is why we made the video. Don't go thinking I did this for every message!

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