Friday, June 11, 2010


I'm a baseball guy, but every four years you'll find me hollering my lungs out for the World Cup. Way back when I pulled the 3-11am shift at Trader Joe's in San Francisco, and after we would hit a taqueria for drinks -we weren't going to sleep so might as well do the next best thing, right? So there we were half out of our minds and something exciting was happening on the tube. Football teams from around the globe were playing their hearts out. The year was 1998, the host country France, and the excitement was infectious. I've never quite recovered.

It's my buddy's birthday tomorrow and we're celebrating in style at The George & Dragon, a Seattle institution. The US-England match starts at 830am local time, a wee bit early for the weekend, but we don't care, it's the World Cup!

Interesting to note is that the World Cup is being held for the first time in Africa. Here's some footage. Check out Bishop Tutu!

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