Thursday, August 20, 2009


We don't have a competitive healthcare system in the US. What we've got are insurance companies who can drop members with impunity, or deny applicants because they are or have been sick. The only competition is which company can deny coverage the fastest. Why change that?

What I don't get is these itchy, yelping folks at "town hell meetings" who want things to stay just the way they are, and are willing to believe no less than an ocean of hogwash to bolster their hysteria. Obviously these are the ones who represent our country's best interests, those who believe what they're told without reflection and have the loudest voices of dissent when our elected leaders attempt to engage the public.

Why worry about socialism, when we have mob rule?

President Barack Obama made some recent statements that go some way toward shaping the discussion. Good. He is still hedging his bets in laying out a clearly defined "road map" (to borrow a metaphor) for reform. I'm glad he is finally taking a stand against the ridiculous fabrications going around the talk show circuit, but it might be too little, too late.


The Struggling Author/Graphic Artist said...

We shall see if it is too late or not. I for one hope that it is not. However, one never knows until it is done. As an example, I am working on a novel but regardless of my word to work on it very little seems to get done as evidenced here.

Anonymous said...

What Obama needs to do is assure those with insurance that nothing will change. He also needs to hit those talking about death panels head on.

However it really won't make that much of a difference what Obama says to about a third of the population. When these people cry they want their country back, what they really want to return to is the good old days, when a man was a man, a woman a woman, and a black guy in the white house was the janitor.

askcherlock said...

"Why worry about socialism when we have mob rule." What an excellent statement that truly puts things in perspective. Obama is taking the high road and not caving to the hysterics. For those millions in our country without insurance, and I know a few, I do hope he can surmount this insanity and get the legislation passed.
And Blana's comment hit it out of the park. Go Blanca!