Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Deep Focus

This is what I've been struggling to achieve since January, with lamentable results. Not zen meditation, not alpha wave bliss; deep focus has been my object and remains a distant condition, nearly mythical, whilst I flounder in distractions and tangents.

My life is not that complicated. One would think I can work my forty hour week and sleep sufficiently, with ample time to gear into a state of deep focus. It hasn't happened. The central premise is to become a better writer, to utilize the surfeit granted me in the life of a bachelor and create devastating concentration on a task that truly consumes me. It hasn't happened.

A close friend is working on his first novel. In addition to this, he holds down a management position and has a lovely wife and two children. He shows progress on his task, even with these other monumental tasks. He writes like a wonder. He shows great progress.

Another friend not only plugs away at novels (and publishes them), he has a home life and holds down 40+ hours a week and does other writing besides. What have these men got that I don't? Better that they answer for themselves; indeed, none of us can speak for the others. Yet in my heart of hearts I know what quality of character they possess: deep focus.


Ian Woolcott said...

You're too generous toward your friends and not generous enough toward yourself. It's easier to be dazzled by others. But your friends, I happen to know, are equally dazzled by you.

I wish I had the sort of focus you're talking about. Most of the time all I've got is coffee and the desperate need to do a few key things before I kick the bucket.

kanishk said...
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Anonymous said...

Most of the time all I've got is coffeeand the desperate need to do a few key things before I kick the bucket.

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