Monday, June 22, 2009

Taking Umbrage

I'm not one to take umbrage at every little thing, but when I saw this sticker on the back of a van this weekend I just about shouted out loud. It is an insult not only to the creator of Calvin, Bill Watterson, but more importantly to serious followers of Christ, who can hardly take validation from seeing a comic strip character bending before the cross.


Ian Woolcott said...

Stupid, eh? Isn't this a response, though, to the other Calvin-esque bumper stickers that you used to see - the ones in which Calvin takes a naughty piss? Here we have the 'reformed Calvin,' so to speak.

There's nothing worse than religious bumper stickers. My current gripe is the 'NOTW' bumper stickers we see here and there in California. The acronym is done up in a stylized way to approximate some kind of bad-assed gang symbol. But it stands for "Not of This World" - and there's a whole Evangelical subculture around it. Check it out:

wngl said...

I've seen the "unreformed, micturating Calvin" decal you refer to, and you can bundle that with my general umbrage-taking.

Could it be that the NOTW is pasted on the fender of a Petra fan? "Not of this World" was one of their signature songs back in the Jesus Rock days, and they did later take their sound Back to the Street. Perhaps this is the latest manifestation? I'll check out the link.