Monday, July 28, 2008


Though you can no longer find the pirated video on Youtube (yanked by Disney), it is true that test footage from the sequel to Tron was screened at San Diego Comic-Con this last weekend (thanks for the hot tip, Jeff!). I got a peek at it before the plug was pulled and what I saw was amazing.

The image above is from Tron 2.0, a videogame sequel that came out a couple years back. You can see Alan Bradley's son, Jet, leaning against a hot chopper with a hot cyberchick (Alan Bradley was the original Tron). Since there are no images available from TR2N, this will have to suffice... for now.

The test footage is startling for any fan of Tron. It was a long lighcycle chase being watched by a bearded Kevin Flynn. As you'll recall, Flynn was a hacker who designed videogames; he was translated into the computer world and saved the day (sound much like The Matrix?). This time around he is a Colonel Kurtz-type living at the heart of the machine. Why and what happens next is anybody's guess. Rumor has it that Alan's son Jet goes in to rescue him.

I am a big fan of Tron and I would love to see it get its due; along with my friend Rollergirl, we want to see TR2N now.


Descartes said...

Tron was one of my favorite silly movies-I had friend that would always yell 'Greetings, Program' whenever we would meet. So I am looking forward to the sequel.

The Wife and her brother, who are a bit younger than me, but in every way total sci fi geeks, could care less about this news.

I wonder if you have to be old to have seen Tron in a theater to want to see TR2N?

wngl said...

I saw Tron on the big screen multiple times as a teen (we shouted our favorite lines), and if that makes me old so be it. I'm still as giddy as a little girl about the possible sequel.

About you and your friend, Descartes (may I call you Rene?); my best friend and I did the exact same thing, much to the annoyance of others around us, I'm sure.