Tuesday, May 20, 2008

New Beck Song

You know when there is something in life totally removed from yourself that seems to grow and change at some kind of parallel rate? Beck has always been like that for me. After being a grudging listener to "Loser" on the radio and thinking, like so many naybobs, that here was a one-hit wunderkind, it wasn't until a friend played the bluesy, melancholy sounds of One Foot in the Grave on a clunky tape player for me that the spark of interest really ignited. About a year later Odelay was like spontaneous combustion and I've anxiously awaited every new release since. The latest album from Beck is coming soon, but he has posted a new song that is dynamite, called "Chemtrails". When you link to the page, wave over the discobox and the track will start...

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Anna said...

I like.

It's as if the Beach Boys met
Clan of Xymox.