Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Elf Did It

My first real laugh in days came this morning; Mark Evanier, bless his soul, is minding the Steve Gerber blog, and his latest entry is just so appropriate to the ocassion:

"I am still Mark Evanier and I am still both staggered and pleased by how many writings I’m spotting on the Internet, on blogs and message boards, about what Steve’s work meant to people. That would have meant a lot to him and it certainly means a lot to his friends.

I can’t begin to link to them all but I have to link to the one by Heidi MacDonald. Make sure you read that one, as well as this one by Jim McLauchlin. In the meantime, Tom Spurgeon is compiling a list of links to Gerber recollections and tributes all across the Internet...

Lastly: There is no truth to the rumor that all this stuff about pulmonary fibrosis is just a cover story, and Steve was actually offed by an elf with a gun."

For context, see here.

Neil Gaiman pays homage to Steve Gerber's continuing inspiration to new artists.

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