Sunday, September 02, 2007

1st (of Seven)

"1st (of Seven)" sounds like a Borg, doesn't it? Worry not, dear reader, this is not the case; this blogbit intends you no ill.

My "favorite" movie is actually seven movies: Midnight Run, Viridiana, Children of Men, Young Frankenstein, Le Double Vie De Veronique, and John Carpenter's The Thing. And (thanks, Andy!), let's not forget the finest of the fine, Tron.

The same for musics: Chaos Theory (Amon Tobin), Small Change (Tom Waits), Passion (Peter Gabriel), Tabula Rasa (Arvo Part), Guero (Beck), Rock it to the Moon (Electrelane), and Rhythm Science (DJ Spooky).

Finally, my "first" book is an octopus: Flow My Tears, The Policeman Said (PK Dick), The Unvanquished (William Faulkner), Heretics of Dune (Frank Herbert), Gargantua&Pantagruel (Dr Rabelais), A Personal Matter (Kenzaburo Oe), The Road (Cormac McCarthy), Anti-Oedipus (Deleuze&Guattari), and of course the immortal Don Quijote (Cervantes).

(And can I just say, it was fun looking up the links for these! I hope you enjoy them, too.)


andy said...

Your “favorite movie” is actually only six movies. What is the seventh? Star Wars? TRON? Blade Runner? The mystery hangs in the air…fetid, palpable. I trust that its revelation will uncover new depths.

I noticed that Children of Man is on sale this week for ten dollars. I had previously put off buying it, but your recommendation may put me over the edge.

wngl said...

My friend, yours is the superior intellect.

I will update the list to include Tron.

And I think you'll like Children of Men. It's the best film to make me feel feelings I'd not felt since...