Friday, July 01, 2005

created equal... by who???

My idea of a Christian entity, such as a church or foundation, is that
it incorporates Christian philosophy and has a prerequisite for
membership that a person is born again.

As this applies to our nation, I see a problem. The philosophy of the
US Consititution is that this is a nation where all citizens are
welcome to worship freely. A citizen is not required to be a Christian
worshipper; our Constitution encourages believers of every stripe to
worship without fear of prosecution.

Now, in a Christian entity, if freedom of worship for every religion
were the policy, I think that entity would not be Christian at all but
rather it would be something altogether different. When I go to a
Christian church, I do not expect to find a Buddhist meditating next
to me or a Muslim praying toward Mecca; I expect to be in a fellowship
of Christ's followers. Does this seem unreasonable?

Since the philosophy of the US is to welcome all believers of any
stripe, I do not see how this country of ours can call itself

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